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DIY: 8 Creative things to do with plastic bags

DIY: 8 Creative things to do with plastic bags

Almost all of us have complained of how many plastic bags we have stacked up in some drawer at home. You might store them under the sink, under the bed, in your pantry closet, and so on, but they will be around or falling out of spaces. While plastic bags have many different uses, they are also a bit of a nuisance. Since they are not environment-safe, they are classified under hazards. Plastic waste and cleanup are soon becoming a real problem across the world, says James from Cut My Plastic.

The easiest way to tackle this issue of plastic waste is to reuse and recycle plastics bottles and bags. Plastic bags are relatively common household items and can be found everywhere. If you have a stash of them at home as we do, there are several fantastic things you can do with them.

Reusing and recycling plastic bags helps preserve the ecological system and stops plastic waste material from entering the oceans and landfills across the world and by using Kwiksweep to remove your unwanted plastic and other rubbish also helps reduce the worlds plastic manufacturing. By doing your bit, you can effectively reduce the plastic footprint with a few simple steps.

Let us look at some creative things you can do with plastic bags to reduce the waste and effectively reuse them to create something brand new.

  1.    Plastic bags for shipping:

Plastic bags can be used for cushioning precious objects and art so that things do not get damaged during transit. Another effective way to use plastic and synthetic bags for shipping would be to wrap fragile stuff in them and make the parcel airtight and watertight. Since plastic does not allow air and water to pass through, the shelf life of foodstuff that is being transported can be increased. This includes things like induction hob pans to stop them smashing together in the packaging.

  1.    Create coasters for drinks:

Everyone knows someone who enjoys a drink or two. Just place some plastic bags together one on top of the other and put a baking sheet on the bags. Now fuse the bags by ironing them together at medium heat. Remove the baking sheet. Ensure you do not melt the bags altogether. Once they have cooled down, you can cut the thick plastic sheet into the shapes of the coasters you like.

  1.    Create a bag:

Like earlier, fuse the plastic bags together and fold halfway through. Again blend the sides together. Now cut the handles of some bags and merge them together. Place these fused handles to the fused bag, and iron over the handles to secure them to the bag. With a few easy steps, you can be the proud owner of a handmade plastic bag. You can use this bag at the beach, to buy groceries, or to store makeup. Even a baby changing bag would be a great idea, then you wouldn’t be so worried if it got ruined.

  1.    Skipping rope:

If you have children around the house, or in the neighbourhood, they could greatly benefit from a tight skipping rope. Tear your plastic bags into sheets and roll them together to create cables of plastic. Braid these ropes together (like a hair braid) lengthwise to a skipping rope. Secure both the ends with colorful duct tape to secure the ties. Hand out these homemade skipping ropes to children around you.

  1.    Dough rollouts:

Most people in the kitchen use sheets of non-stick paper and so on to help roll dough in the kitchen. With a little help from plastic, you can save on the cost of non-stick paper. Simple fuse some plastic bags together and use the thickened sheet as a base while rolling dough. If you have extra bags, make extra sheets and roll your dough between these sheets to remain completely non-sticky.

  1.    Protect fruits:

If you have a garden with fruit-bearing trees, you can tie plastic bags around the fruits as they mature to protect them from insects and birds. Another advantage of preserving the fruits is to ensure that bad weather does not spoil the fruit, and the plastic bag helps to store the fruit if it falls from the tree early. Protecting your fruits while on the tree also helps them remain fresh and saves them from rotting.

  1.    Car protectors:

Kids are notorious for spoiling cars. Protect your car seats by tearing the plastic bags and covering the seats with them. This trick is especially useful when returning from the beach, a camping trip, or trekking adventures. Plastics also protect your seat covers from staining and spilling. Add plastic bags to the flooring of your car to protect the mats from getting spoilt.

  1.    Clothes cover:

Fuse large plastic bags together to create all-weather covers for your expensive clothes and woolies. Covering your clothes, fabrics, duvets, and sheets from dew and dampness can increase their longevity and help you save money in the long term.