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How CCTV can protect your home

How CCTV can protect your home

CCTV’s (Closed Circuit TeleVisions) are one of the most essential and commonly used security devices in the UK. It is not unusual to see CCTV cameras located in business areas, or residences, or at every corner of ongoing construction sites. As one of the most straightforward schemes to set up and one of the most cost-effective safety devices, almost every company uses CCTV to safeguard their property, and nowadays they are also becoming more frequent in households.

CCTV can give a boost to your property’s safety and protect your family from any uninvited damage.


Let’s take a look at some measures in which CCTV can protect our homes and give us a safe life.


Motion detection sensors

One of the most essential characteristics in contemporary CCTV devices is on-demand recording. It is particularly helpful in places that are rarely accessed, where constant monitoring throughout the day will provide you with dozens of hours of visual footage and perhaps thirty seconds of individuals coming and leaving.


Works in infrared light

Like all cameras, pictures can be recorded by CCTV cameras only if there is some light shining on them. This light does not need to be in the visible spectrum, though. Infra-red CCTV cameras have incorporated infra-red LEDs that they can use in their area of perspective to illuminate the comings and goings of people. As a result, CCTV can also “see” during the evening.


Two-way audio protection

Two-way Audio is one of the more sophisticated CCTV characteristics that is mostly ignored. Two-way audio enables a person to talk to the individual in front of the CCTV camera in a control room. The discussion itself, like any other type of footage, can be registered, recorded, and stored.


Facial recognition

This is what ANPR is to car number tags for individual images: it allows CCTV footage to match a person’s picture with an internal database record, showing you who has just left the place. Facial recognition is a dominant CCTV London characteristic that is used in many environments where safety or customer service is of utmost significance.


Importance of CCTV cameras for protecting our homes

  • Family safety

Protect your family from being a subject of an unrelated crime or accident. You can remain vigilant and have access to different parts of your home 24* 7. You can spot suspicious activity happening in or around your house and avoid a substantial loss. You can also recognize the cause and take the necessary actions in the event of a mishap.

  • Monitoring children

Sometimes you have to leave your children at home alone, or with domestic help. There are times when you feel unsafe about the security of your kids. A CCTV camera enables your peace of mind in these circumstances. It makes it simple when you’re not around to monitor the kids in the house. If you have little kids, then having CCTV security becomes even more crucial.

  • Control robbery attempts

Several theft instances come into focus these days. The burglars would always be kept away from the living room. There are moments when your jewellery, decorations, and cash must be stored at home. CCTV protection offers a feeling of safety in a scenario like this. In the event of any robbery, the robbers are captured on the CCTV screens and can be recognized by the police to facilitate further handling.

  • Keeps trespassers away

You can always hold a watch at the door of your building through CCTV cameras, even if you’re inside your space. If someone tries to infringe on your property, you can spot them and prevent their efforts to get into your home.

  • Gives mental peace

Last but not least, CCTV London provides you with freedom of mind. Even if you’re sitting miles away, you don’t have to care about your home and loved ones. The installation of CCTV cameras generates a safety shield around your house. When you feel suspicious about anything, you can always improve your safety.

Modern CCTV devices have a broad variety of characteristics that extend beyond the mere recording of video. CCTV cameras have video analytics characteristics such as ANPR, facial identification software, and ranking of objects, as well as different processing and monitoring characteristics such as cloud storage and real-time alerts. This is especially if you have some expensive items in your home, perhaps one you’ve brought from Audio Concierge.

The significance of these characteristics can vary from “good to have” to “critical” depending on your work demands. Most good and reliable security firms can properly deploy emergency services with their own collection of technical and sometimes even legal footage.